Big Island Elopement + Wedding photographer

here’s some very important things about me.

When you stop focusing on the negative, you’ll have more good days then bad. I believe mindset is everything.
I believe time spent matching socks is time wasted.
Taco Tuesday is appalling— something so delicious should not be limited to one day of the week.
Pugs, pugs, and more pugs.
I believe beauty can be found in messy places and situations— I found the love of my life by changing adult diapers.
The owl with my Hogwarts letter is running a bit late, never stop believing in magic.
Soft blankets are my weakness. There’s a lot things in this world I will share, my blanket is not on that list.
I believe every day is a good day to change the world, except Mondays. No one should expect that much on a Monday.
I’ve got a serious case of wanderlust. You need a last minute road trip buddy? Give me a date and I’m there with the snacks.
Don’t put me in charge of naming humans. I’ll either name them after a Harry Potter character or try to rhyme it. Just ask my kids, Lily (named after Harry’s mom) and Cooper Looper.



Having no worries


wonderful, exciting


unable to act or think normally, due to being in love



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Braidyn has an amazing set of skills when it comes to photography. She is also so kind and very patient, considering she delt with my family and I’s habitual lateness (haha)! We have used her for all of our families photo sessions. Our family photos (both pups included), also did our beautiful engagement photos in a very adventurous location. As amazing of a person and as the professional Braidyn is, I highly recommended her as your new photographer. Can not wait to see how our wedding photos come out!