Kona-Kailua, Hawaii Couples Session// Big Island Photographer


Jessie + Joey’s Kua Bay Couple’s Session

Jessie and Joey met me at Kua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii for a sunset session. They wanted a way to celebrate one year on the Big Island. I was absolutely ecstatic for it! They had met in Washington, but the Big Island was calling their names (can you blame them?).
At the beginning of our session I told them I had never seen a whale in the wild. I had explained all the times my family had seen one, but for some reason I always miss it. Well, WELL, I was having them splash around in the water, you know do all that cute and awkward stuff photographers have you do… and I stopped for a second. I was in absolute awe at how beautiful the sunset was and out of no where, I saw the most magnificent thing I’d ever seen. The entire span of a whale jumping at sunset. I FINALLY saw a whale in the wild! I was so ecstatic. LOL.
My husband was too because he casually came over and said “sorry to interrupt but did you guys see that?” He had seen the whale too and we all shared our excitement. It was a good freaking day.
Jessie and Joey, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you two immensely. Everyone else, enjoy this series!