Here’s some very important things about me.
HI!!!! i’m braidyn!

-When you stop focusing on the negative, you'll have more good days then bad. I believe mind set is everything. 
-I believe beauty is found in messy places. Messier, the better! 
-I believe no one should waste time matching socks. 
-There's no such thing as taco Tuesday, they should be welcomed everyday of the week.
-Pugs, pugs, pugs and more pugs. 
-The owl with my Hogwarts letter must have gotten lost. I still have faith  
-Soft blankets are my weakness. There's a lot things I will share in the world, and my blankets are not on that list. 
-I believe life is precious and every day is a new day to change the world, except Mondays. No one should expect that much on a Monday. 
-My radio taste is similar to that of a seventy year old. Give me all the oldies and talk radio. 
-I'm a girl with a serious case of wanderlust. Call me when a last minute road trip buddy is needed. I got the snacks. Where are we going next?!